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Zebra and Layer Shading not working Rhino 6

Hi guys,

Saw the Y-Branch video this morning and am super excited about that. I decided to model my own version of it, but the file has two problems. I cannot turn on Zebra for the Xirus Object and the Xirus Object does not inherit the layer settings that it is on.

I tried uploading the file, but it’s not letting me. I can email it to someone if you let me know who I can send it too.


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your feedback on Xirus, it’s very appreciated.
Indeed, Zebra/shading do not work in Rhino 6, we logged this issue and will find a solution soon. In v6 all the shading settings change with respect to v5, in a process that we’re still addressing.

Note that all videos and files on the website were recorded using v5, hence the mismatch. For any e-mail direction, you can use


Hi Pablo,

Thanks for confirming this. Currently this is OK for me since I can still perform all the modeling operations so far. I intend to explore the software more this weekend. Just as an FYI, Rhino did crash a few times while using Xirus. I did not send the crash report to McNeel since it was caused by running Xirus commands. Do you want me to send crash reports to

Let me know

Hi Mark,

Yes, you can send the crash reports to However, if you already know the sequence of commands and conditions leading to the crash, that’d be much more helpful.
Maybe it’s always related to the same command, a specific object to the scene is producing it, etc.


We fixed this issue in an update ( today.


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That was fast Pablo :grinning: