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Y-Branch video (My version)

(Mark_Landsaat) #1

The possibilities of Xirus are very exciting for me :metal: Yesterday I saw the release of XirusCAD for Rhino 6 and the Y-Branch YouTube video. Downloaded the software and started exploring it immediately. I ended up recreating a Y-Branch, but I used a different modeling strategy. It ended up looking really good and was easy to model.

Decided to make a YouTube video of the process I used and referenced your video and the website. My channel is pretty new and doesn’t get a lot of views yet, but I figured it would help get the word out regarding XirusCAD. If you’re interested you can check out my video below.

(Daniel Schmitter) #2

Thanks for your video Mark!

We just shared it on our Facebook and Twitter channels:



(Mark_Landsaat) #3

Thanks Daniel.

This weekend I have been exploring the XirusCAD tools and I find it quite interesting. Not everything is working out so far, but part of that is for me to learn the new tools and the different way of working. Will continue to explore as time permits. It’s an exciting new technology. :+1: