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Xirus: Free WIP Release

(Zsuzsanna Püspöki) #1

Dear Xirus users,

The free Rhino-compatible Xirus WIP is now available at . After signing in on our website you can download Xirus for Rhino 5 (Windows).

Xirus itself, the distribution mechanism, our website and our user-support infrastructure are still in test-mode. For all kinds of feedback, comments, suggestions, and requests, please use our forum or send us an email to .

Video documentation and the full list of commands are available at as well as on our youtube channel .
We would appreciate your active feedback in order to improve Xirus, the user-support, and your overall experience related to Xirus.

We thank every user for the effort to test our technology and for helping us to shape the final product.

Best regards,

Mirrakoi Team

(Grigio18) #2


I can not get the license key for the wip…

when I enter the password, nothing happens…

(Marc) #3


I’m not able to download the WIP. When I click on the button I get a proxy error. (maybe because our network is behind a proxy server?)

(Pablo Garcia Amorena) #4

Hi Grigio,

I believe this problem is fixed now. Could you please check?

-Pablo (Head R&D @Mirrakoi)

(Grigio18) #5

Yes,problem fixed. thanks

(Daniel Schmitter) #6

Hi Marc,

If it is a proxy issue I assume the error also appears if you try to download with a different browser? Could also be due to a restrictive firewall.
Can you test it again by bypassing (i.e. shutting off) the proxy server or by trying to download with the same computer that is once connected through the proxy network and then connected to a non-proxy-protected network?

(Marc) #7

Hi Daniel,
I cannot change any of these settings in our enterprise environment…
I can download from home, that’s not a big problem, but you may wish to improve this as it’s an unnecessary hurdle for some users.

(Daniel Schmitter) #8

Yes certainly, we are looking into it. Meanwhile, if you are unable to download the WIP through the website, just send an email to and we can send you the WIP by mail. Also let us know if you have trouble generating the license key.


(define) #9

Hi Daniel, I can download the '.rhi-installation-file, but when trying to install it reports back, that I don’t have the most recent version of Rhino V5 installed. I however doublechecked it and I have the latest Version. I also work with the Rhino 6 release candidate. Could that be a reason for this behaviour? Best Klaus

(Pablo Garcia Amorena) #10

Hi Klaus,

I tested having the latest version of Rhino 5, which is SR14 (64-bit), and Rhino 6 Evaluation in the same computer, and the Rhino Installer works well. The RHI installs the WIP only for Rhino 5.

Which version of Rhino 5 do you have? Could you update to SR14?


(define) #11

Hi Pablo, I fixed it. I was erroneously running the 32bit version of Rhino.
The installation just worked perfectly with the 64bit one.
Thx - I’m already digging into xirus.