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Xirus for sculpting?

(ackanddd) #1

I see this Xirus kernel quite powerful in terms of organic shapes.

Will be great if will be possible to develop some tools for 3D sculpting like the ones from the Clayoo Sculpt for Rhino.

(Zsuzsanna Püspöki) #2

Hi @ackanddd,

Could you tell me exactly what commands/operations are you looking for? Possibly, we already have some of them implemented/we can show you alternatives in Xirus.

Thank you,

(Jeorane) #3

Hi, Zsuzsanna
T-Splines ( was a great plugin discontinued by Autodesk in 2017, it is much better than Clayoo (, Clayoo cannot replace T-Splines.

As T-Splines users are orphans, I would like to suggest the Xirus team to make a tutorial teaching old T-Splines users how to migrate to Xirus.

(Daniel Schmitter) #4

Hi Jeorane,

Thanks for the suggestion, it is on our roadmap: We are currently still adding new important features to complete the Xirus-kernel (e.g. bridge command, mesh-to-Xirus smooth conversion and more). Once we move to the beta version we will provide the kind of tutorials you are referring to.


(ackanddd) #5

I’m looking especially for some sculpting tools like in this Clayoo 2 Tools - Sculpting an Alien