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Xirus Commands in the command line

Hi guys, totally new to Xirus so I apologize in advance for newbie/silly questions but that’s part of the learning process :grinning:

I have watched a few videos and just installed Xirus for Rhino 6. One of the things I noticed right away is the very long command line input. I guess most people use toolbars and menus, but I rely on the command line a lot, I like that work flow.

Every Xirus command is preceded with the complete word Xirus and that means a lot of unnecessary typing. If you precede with “XR” it’s less typing and “XR” can be typed with just the left hand which is nice since the right hand is typically on the mouse.

For sure I will be using the toolbar and menus starting out since I don’t know the commands, but I use the command line a lot and believe this would be helpful once I get more comfortable with the software.