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Xirus Alpha update: Released!

Dear Xirus users,

The updated version of Xirus® Alpha is now freely available for Rhino 5 for Windows and can be downloaded from our website:

The free Xirus® Alpha license key can be used to install Xirus® Alpha on up to 5 machines. The unique license key is sent to you by e-mail. From the Alpha version of Xirus®, offline validation is also possible. Be aware that previous license keys for the Xirus® WIP are no longer valid.

New Features:

Updated Commands:

For any comments, suggestions, and requests, please use our forum or send us an email to

We thank every user for testing our technology.

Kind regards,
Mirrakoi Team

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By the way, (1.) can many faces (and edges) be extruded simultaneously in Xirus? (2.) Can the same face/faces be extruded many times?

(If I remember right, these features where not possible in Xirus some time ago. These are propably the most common features I use in T-Splines, and that’s why I haven’t quite ‘digged in’ to Xirus yet :wink: )

Thank’s again for your answer!


Hi @Johnny,

We have several commands related to face/edge extrusion. Depending on your application, the following commands can serve you:

Xirus Face Select: and
Edge Select: work with multiple selection.

To create surfaces from edges, you can use:

We also have a Face Extrude: command that is currently available for one face.


Improvements/enhancements will follow in the next updates.

If you have a specific design problem in your mind, feel free to post an image and we will direct you to the applicable commands.


When will Xirus be available for Rhino 6? Been waiting a while now.

Hi @dacedi1,

During the Alpha test phase, Xirus is available only for Rhino 5. Once Xirus Beta is released, we provide it for Rhino 6 as well.


Ok, Thank’s!

To be honest the area / faces between the extruded face and the surface where it is extruded from, becomes a bit vague. There doesn’t seems to be a way to control those faces, not to mention the seam between those faces and the original surface.

All the videos (you wrote about) seems to be concentrating on the (extruded) face, and the surface where it is extruded from. But the faces there between (which are as a result from that extrusion), looks more like a 'random streching.'
There isn’t much of a systemathically designed form / shape on that area / on those faces.

Months ago somebody here (in the forum) wanted some videos about real forms and shapes done by Xirus. I understand the request, because there is quite a lot that kind of ‘random streching’ in current Xirus videos. And most of all: you can’t use that type of action / results in modeling (at least in the final outcome).

But Xirus obviously has a HUGE potential, and You guys are working very hard, so the outcome is propably cool as well! :slight_smile:


Ps. I didn’t see several faces side by side extruded simultaneously in those videos…

Hi Johnny,

A bunch of tutorials of industrial applications are in production. Will be published on our YouTube channel within the next 4-6 weeks. They should help to provide a better understanding of some of the general underlying concepts when modeling with Xirus + Rhino.

Simply hold the Shift-key down while applying Face-select in order to select multpile faces.


Inspiring information!
Thank’s, Daniel!