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Wish: Moving/visibility specific controls

Now you can only activate (make visible) all controls of a certain type (tangent U/V/plane etc.) or none.
Hiding specific controlpoints is possible, but all the control polygons stay visible.
It would be helpful when you could have only the controls active that you want to move. Maybe all surfacepoints can be visible, but having all control polygons or planes active is confusing and there is the risk selecting the wrong control.
And being able to restrict movements in UV direction is something I cannot do without, since I model organic shapes.
Also after collapsing controls selecting a specific control is difficult since they are stacked at one point, and the selection dialog box does noet specify

the different points by name,Xirus%20problem

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Thank you for pointing out these issues. We’ve logged them and will provide a solution in an update soon, specially concerning the possibility to specify a small set of control points to be edited as well as distinction among collapsed tangents.


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I would like to see this as well. It would be great if we can isolate just the control plane that you are tweaking. As shown in the model in this post, That’s a lot of controls in a model that isn’t even very complex.

When people start modeling more complex models the need for this will only increase.