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Welcome to the Xirus Discourse!

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Welcome to the Xirus Discourse!

Getting Started:

1. Log In

If you have already created a Mirrakoi account on, then you can use your username and password to log in to the Xirus Discouse. You will get an automatic e-mail to confirm and activate your new account.

If you have no account yet, then register! You can only create topics, post and reply to messages, and take full advantage of the Xirus Discourse if you log in.

2. Discourse

We have incorporated the standard Discourse framework, thus you can search (with the magnifying glass on the top right corner), filter by categories, check directly the latest discussions, use your own avatar (, and even collect Badges.

3. Categories

Currently, there are 4 main categories for discussions.

  • News: Here you can find all the news and updates that are relevant.
  • WIP: We are looking forward to your feedback and opinion on the Xirus WIP. The more user feedback, suggestions, and ideas we get, the more Xirus can be shaped to your needs. Tell us how you would like to interact with your CAD geometry and we will try to make it happen.
  • Gallery: Showcases illustrating the use of the Xirus WIP are welcome! Share your ideas and creations with the community!
  • General: If you have any other questions or suggestions, feel free to register and comment!

4. Posting

You have to be logged in to create new posts or reply to previous discussions. When replying, don’t forget to click on “Quote Reply”, otherwise it could be unclear what you are replying to.
When tagging someone just use @ and their username. They will be notified that you mentioned them in a topic. You can also attach files to your posts: images are specifically tolcome in our Gallery.

5. FAQ and Terms of Service

For Frequently Asked Questions please visit, for the Terms of Service, and for our Privacy Policy


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Mirrakoi Team