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Unable to save Rhino 6 files containing Xirus geometry after update

(dbanderblom) #1

Since the latest Xirus update, I’ve been getting this error when trying to save my work in Rhino:


If I delete or convert the Xirus geometry to NURBS, it saves as expected.
If I save the file in a different location, is saves as expected.
If I save the file in the same location (folder), with a different name, it gives me the error.

I’ve been using Xirus since it’s release without issue, my Rhino installation is up to date, and I haven’t changed anything with my workflow. I’ve also restarted my computer several times, with the same results still occurring.

Any ideas what could be happening here? I’m inclined to think it has something to with the latest Xirus release as I have made no changes to my system or workflow besides updating.


(Pau Argelaguet) #2

Hi @dbanderblom,

We have located the issue and we are working on a solution for it. We will post updates regarding it soon here in the forum.

Thanks for your support!


(Pau Argelaguet) #3

Hi @dbanderblom,

We have released version which addresses the issue. You can already download it from our website.

Thank you,


(dbanderblom) #4

Thanks for the update!