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The Xirus is arbitrarily transformed into a mesh

(leex) #1

I wanted to drag edge. (Shift+Ctrl)
But for some reason, isolated not one edge but many hidden ones.
After dragging, the object transformed into meshes

(leex) #2

(Pablo Garcia Amorena) #3

Hi Leex,

To select and drag edges you should use the Xirus Edge Select command. You can subdivide faces to get the precision you want in any of its edges.


(leex) #4

thanks a lot pablogarciaamorena

(leex) #5

In point of fact Xirus objects are mesh?

(Pablo Garcia Amorena) #6

Yes, they are Rhino meshes. You can convert them to pure meshes or NURBS surfaces at any moment.


(leex) #7

The accumulation of a set of long triangles at the poles may interfere with qualitative modeling in the future.
I think the RhinoSphere and Disk is a bad objects for modifications. It seems to better to use another mesh object for the sphere and disk. The one in which the polygons that make up the sphere are the same in form.

(leex) #8

This is just my opinion.
Just faced with such a problem earlier. This is then when I import RhinoSphere with many long triangles into Zbrush. It is impossible to work if do not recalculate the topology remake it to the same polygons in form

It seems to me that for the sphere the model consisting of quadrangles is best suited.
In this sphere there are no poles and quadrilaterals of approximately the same shape.
To create a sphere, I use a plugin by Weaverbird

or Waterman Polyhedra

or IcoSphere plug-in

(Daniel Schmitter) #9

Thanks for the additional explanation; I see your point. Is it more important for you to have regular polygons (and only an approximate sphere) or to have an exact sphere (and a non-regular mesh, e.g. quads + tris mixed)?

For example, we could include in Xirus an additional shape primitive that represents a closed surface with a more regular (quad-only) mesh, however that is not an exact sphere (but almost exact).


(leex) #10

Now it’s hard to say which is more important. accuracy of a sphere or regularity of polygons.
The main thing is that in the future there are will no problems with artifacts, bugs and speed of calculations.
Surely you include extrusion or Boolean operations in your plugin, smoothly form by move points.
That’s probably the reason to proceed from here.