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Nurbs to Xirus geometry?

Hi all ,
I make moulds and protopys , and I recive geometry from custumers .

Sometimes I need to modify them , and I hope Xirus will help me , but I can’t redesign all .

Thanks , Andrea Tisselli

Hi Andrea,

A NURBS-to-Xirus command will be available soon. We are currently testing it internally before we proceed with the public testing.


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Hi Daniel ,

thanks for your kindly answer .

Because learnin to use a new software is not easy , I’m interested to know how much it will cost

at the end of the beta period .

Have you already thought a selling price ?

It may seem indelicate , but I have already to pay the annual fee for other cam cad .

thanks , Andrea

Hi Andrea,

It will be a one-time fee (not an annual subscription) and significantly lower than the price of Rhino itself. More infos will follow later when we approach sales.


Hi Daniel

glad to ear that .

If I may suggest, a Toolbar could speed up the use of Xirus .

Thank again , Andrea