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Nothing does anything! 🤔

(CJFearn) #1

OK, it’s 09:50 on Sunday morning, November the 18th 2018, and I just downloaded the Xirusalpha for my Rhino 5, installed it, registered it and when I click on any of the tools they get selected, but NONE OF THEM WILL DO ANYTHING. What in the world is going on? Everything else is working fine. :thinking::cry:

I sure hope someone has an idea because I’d really like to use this software. :sunglasses:


(Zsuzsanna Püspöki) #2

Hi @CJFearn,

I see that you have successfully activated your license key. I recommend having a quick video/Skype call with one of our engineers to solve your problem. Could you please send us a mail to to schedule a call?