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New command request - Flip Closed surface

(Aurelio) #1

When i convert a closed surface from nurbs to xirus most of the times the direction flip inside.
It is possible to make a “Flip Xirus surface” command?
I think have saw this command before but i don’t find it now.

(Pablo Garcia Amorena) #2

Hi @Aurelio,

This command was present in the past XirusWIP and later became obsolete in the Alpha phase (for technical reasons as WIP was mesh-based and Alpha is Brep-based). We’re reworking it for the Alpha.

Could you please detail how to reproduce the problem: does it happen in Rhino 5 or 6 or both? Always with closed objects or with very specific ones? Feel free to send us an example here or at


(Aurelio) #3

i tried today with the new version and the problem is gone.

(Aurelio) #4

Today i experienced the same problem. I send one example to support.

(Aurelio) #5

I found the “mistery”. It’s the uv direction on the initial surface.

(Pablo Garcia Amorena) #6

Hi @Aurelio,

Thanks for providing a sample.
Indeed, the problem comes from the original object UV direction. You can by-pass this for now reversing the NURBS object U or V direction with Rhino command Dir.
We’ll offer a direct fix for this situation soon.