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Modeling problem

(PodoTools) #1

I have a structural problem when I try to deform a Xirus object by dragging control points.
A simple deformation like the deformation of a nurbs surface as in this picture becomes a complex operation because the tangent on both sides of the surface point change simultaneously (mirrored). Applying a subdivision to restrict the deformation to one side of a surfacepoint results in an extra division in both V an U direction, when I only need an extra division in one direction.

(Daniel Schmitter) #2

HI PodoTools,

You can manipulate tangents separately if you first apply ‘Xirus Face Explode’: .
–> this command allows you to manipulate each face separately.

After you applied face explode, you can use ‘Xirus Global Subdivide’ but only on the particular face, which allows you to only do subdivision in 1 direction: .

Remark: We will soon implement the option to manipulate tangents only on ‘one side’ of a control point. However, be aware that the if you want to keep smoothness, the direction has to be the same on both sides, but the length (i.e. magnitude) of the tangent can vary.

(Daniel Schmitter) #3

btw, to regain global control over the surface you can apply ‘Xirus Face Join’ to the entire object:

(PodoTools) #4

Thanks Daniel, these are workarounds that will help, but of cause it would be much better when exploding and re-joining is not neccesary anymore.
The possibility to subdivide in only one direction I had missed. Thanks for mentioning, another structural problem solved!
When allowing manipulation on only one side of a surface point, will ther be the options to have both tangents restricted to the same direction or not (kink)?

Slowly Xirus is approaching a level that allows me to design shoe lasts in a intuitive way…
What is missing now is retoposnap to a mesh or surface and the possibility to cage-edit (and the other UDTools) Xirus objects. And History on all commands…
Keep up the good work!

Erik Hondebrink

(Daniel Schmitter) #5

Thanks for the feedback Erik,

This will be implemented in the near future.

That’s the idea. Give the user freedom to either create a kind or just manipulate the tangents individually while keeping the same smoothness.

Sounds exciting: our goal is that every update brings new improvements to get closer for you and all the other users to fully integrate XirusCAD in your everyday’s workflow.

Keep posting feedback; that’s what enables us to shape the final product to solve your needs.


(FeaVB) #6

Why do I not see the “Refinement factor …” on the command line after applying the “Xirus Global Subdivide” command for the Xirus polyline (only “Xirus Select Surfaces”)


(Pablo Garcia Amorena) #7

@FeaVB thanks for pointing this out. It is a glitch and will be fixed in an update in the following days.


(FeaVB) #8

And cross-section profiles are not build from Xirus Polylines, they were build only from simple Rhino polylines without converting X-N…

(Pablo Garcia Amorena) #9

@FeaVB this was fixed in today’s update. The additional new commands for this update (mainly XirusRebuild, XirusJoinCurves, XirusUVN and XirusUIXEditMode) will be officially announced soon.