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Mesh to Xirus geometry?

(Daniilbravi) #21

La trasformazione da mesh a xirus, per poi trasformare la geometria xirus a superfici (nurbs) , avrebbe il suo utilizzo nel settore calzaturiero o comunque nel settore del Reverse engineering.
esempio di applicazione

(Daniilbravi) #22

Da aggiungere ai comandi di xirus sulle facce, molto utile, sarebbe quella di unire le facce globalmente e localmente (diminuire le facce per un maggior controllo), l’opposto di Subdivision commands - subdivide a xirus faces.


(Daniel Schmitter) #23

Hi @Daniilbravi,

We are currently working on an ‘inverse subd’ command (as well as a mesh-to-xirusCAD command) and will hopefully be able to release them soon. In the meantime you can try to use the Rhino-rebuild command on XirusCAD objects and then convert the NURBS object back to XirusCAD. Furthermore, we will release our own XirusCAD-rebuild command by next week.

We will keep you updated (and thanks for the nice examples you posted).


(PodoTools) #24

hi Daniibravi,
Nice to see that another shoemaker is also following Xirus developments. Are yu able to write your comments in English? (Or in Dutch:grin:) I am very interested in how other shoemakers think about Xirus and CAD in general, but it is hard to understand Italian, even with Google Translate.

Erik Hondebrink

(Daniilbravi) #25

Hello Daniel,
I’m sorry for the wrong traslation, but i’m using Google traslate.
This is the modellation link: .
I’ll try Rhinoceros 6 Work in progress (for SubD funtionality). If i install it, will Xirus plug in be in conflict to Rhino 7?

Ciao @danielschmitter_mirrakoi,
Cercherò di utilizzare Google traduttore, anche se la traduzione dall’italiano all’inglese non sarà perfetta.
questo è il link della modellazione con Xirus Cad .
Volevo provare la versione di Rhinoceros 6 Work in progress (per vedere le funzionalità di SubD) se installo Rhino 6 Wip il plug-in Xirus andrà in conflitto con Rhino7.

(Pau Argelaguet) #26

Hi @Daniilbravi,

XirusCAD is designed to work with Rhino 5 and 6, and it’s confined to those environments. If you want to install Rhino 7 WIP, you can do it with NO problem, it will NOT interfere with your XirusCAD installation in Rhino 5/6.

Grazie mille,


(Mark_Landsaat) #27

This is an interesting development. I tried something this morning. I took an existing TSpline model and converted it to nurbs. after this I used the XirusConvertNURBSToXirus with specify number of points on and converted the individual nurbs patches to the Xirus equivalent using 4 points on all surfaces.

Once I had done this for all the surfaces I was able to join them all into one Xirus object. I have to say though, once I turned on augmented access the model was a little bit overwhelming in terms of complexity. Still trying to wrap my brain around how I would use this best, but the underlying technology seems to be really capable.

(Pablo Garcia Amorena) #28

We’re working in a command to reduce global complexity by approximating a full model with the least number of surfaces. The Rebuild command does this locally (one surface output per surface input).
But before that Mesh to Xirus conversion will come.


(Daniilbravi) #29

Ciao @pablogarciaamorena_mirrakoi,
Mi chiedo, quando la versione Alpha sarà completa, Quanto costera Xirus?

How much will Xirus cost?


(Pablo Garcia Amorena) #30

Ciao @Daniilbravi,
@danielschmitter_mirrakoi will respond to you about that.


(Daniilbravi) #31

Ciao @pablogarciaamorena_mirrakoi,
Ci sono notizie sul comando mesh to xirus? Aggiornamenti?
Is there any news on the command mesh to xirus? updates?

(Daniel Schmitter) #32

Ciao @Daniilbravi,

Ci stiamo lavorando. Innanzitutto, rilasceremo presto la funzione NURBS-tagliata su XirusCAD.


(Daniilbravi) #33

ciao @danielschmitter_mirrakoi,
è possibile mandare un file 3d mesh, in modo che vedete cosa interessa a me che il comando mesh to xirus converta bene, per email, in privato.

you can send a 3d mesh file, so that you see what interests me that the mesh to xirus command converts well, by email, in private.

(Daniel Schmitter) #34

hi @leex,

We have just released a new update which allows to convert trimmed NURBS to trimmed XirusCAD surfaces including subsequent warping: