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Mesh to Xirus geometry?

(Daniely) #1

Hi, will Xirus be able to convert mesh objects into Xirus geometry?

(Daniel Schmitter) #2

The current Xirus WIP does not provide such a function yet. Can you tell us in which context you would need such a function?

(DW) #3

There should be mesh/nurbs to xirus commands without doubt for ease of use. Simplest usage is that i have lowpoly model but i want to work with it further.

(define) #4

I for one oftentimes explore my designs with subdivision modellers like Rocket3F, Silo, DAZ-Hexagon and even with ZBrush and 3dcoat. I then export the low poly objects and bring them into Rhino WIP, to then use the (Beta)-SUB-D-commands and SUB-D to nurbs-command to eventually get to nurbs-geometry. Take for example a simple hanger. There are quite organic ones out there. Actually most of them consist of 95% tangentially connecting surfaces. Try to build one with Nurbs only. It’s very laborious and sometimes near impossible. Xirus would come in handy here, if it was capable of smoothing out bumps and kinks and average out or relax selected groups of points.
On the other hand even organic products have mechanically defined areas, where adapting elements or the like will have to fit to e.g. holes, domes, rips, wall-thicknesses, hinges, etc. and Xirus should provide the means to solve these challenges. If that means, that we would have to convert to Nurbs at a certain point in time to reach our goals, well, that would be acceptable too. Please have an eye on the Sub-D-Beta-development for Rhino. May be you can acchieve your goals while keeping Xirus compatible with what they will offer or even enhance it. The same is obviously true for Grasshopper.

(Daniel Schmitter) #5


A NURBS-to-Xirus command will be available soon (c.f. Nurbs to Xirus geometry?). It will allow you to convert any Rhino NURBS geometry into Xirus. So as long as you have a way to convert your polys or SubDs to NURBS, you will also be able to convert them to the Xirus native geometry.


(define) #6

That’s great to hear. Thx. Klaus

(DimitriTsigos) #7

i was very excited to try this… but with no Mesh to Xirus or nurbs to Xirus we cant really include it in our workflow…keep up the good work and please mail us when this command is available!!!

(Daniel Schmitter) #8

The command will be available next week; delivered as a new update. Will send you an email (as you requested).


(DimitriTsigos) #9

cool… i use T splines for this kind of things currently… so its really interesting to see what this does in comparison and also how much it ll cost…

in my opinion the Mesh to Xirus is the important command… because u can always get a good mesh topology from a surface but not vice versa… so mesh to Xirus also immediately means surf to Cirus very very simply… but not the opposite

(leex) #10

Will be able to convert T-splines to Xirus geometry?
If so then it will be great.
Just want to compare.

(Daniel Schmitter) #11

Next week a “NURBS-to-Xirus” command will be available. We hope this will already simplify your workflow.

(Recall that already “Xirus-to-NURBS” and “Xirus-to-mesh” is available.)


(Daniel Schmitter) #12

I believe the “NURBS-to-Xirus” command solves that problem (i.e. if you can convert your initial geometry to NURBS, then you can further convert it to Xirus).


(Daniel Schmitter) #13

The command is now available:
Also a toolbar and enhanced UI is implemented.

You can download the new update (see announcement of the new update: Xirus WIP update: Released)


(leex) #14

Trimmed surfaces do not convert.
Rather, it first makes an untrim, and then convert to Xirus.

I think that there is not enough Command: _XirusConvertMeshToXirus

then the algorithm or macro would look like this:


(Daniel Schmitter) #15

Yes, the command currently applies to untrimmed NURBS.


(DrDardis) #16

Hi Daniel,

Like a lot of users here, we are looking for a replacement for t-splines. Xirius seems to a worthy candidate. One of t-splines great usability features was that you could go from mesh->t-splines with ease. The beta Subdiv stuff is ok, but it produces 1 patch per polygon, where as t-splines handled this more gracefully when converting from t-splines to Nurbs. It would also complete the loop and allow for xirius to become integrated into our workflow more easily.

That would be the context in which I would use such a function :slight_smile:

(Fleer) #17

Just wondering if this is being considered in the development road map?
A polygon mesh to Xirus function would be necessary for us before we could start evaluating the product. :grinning:

(Daniel Schmitter) #18

Hi Fleer,

We are working on it right now. A first version of the command should be available in the next update or the one after.


(PodoTools) #19

A mesh to Xirus command would be helpful. Any progress?

(Daniel Schmitter) #20

Hi Erik,
We are working on a low-poly quad-mesh to XirusCAD/NURBS command. We’ll make an announcement as soon as it is available.