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How to get Xirus visual toolbar back?

(Johnny) #1

Finally I got Xirus back in my Rhino. It was a similar problem I’ve been having (regurarly) with T-Splines and Vray. I had to delete ‘XirusWip’ and ‘XirusWIP.rui’ from the settings folder: C:\Users\Johnny\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\Plug-ins\Xirus WIP (8d7f6c38-3803-46ce-b493-f3178c532945)/settings, and open Rhino again.

…BUT I still can’t see Xirus toolbar anywere, even the word ‘Xirus’ in now visible in the upper menu bar (and working).
How to get the visual toolbar back as well?


(Daniel Schmitter) #2

Hi Johnny,
try typing ‘Toolbar’ in the command line of Rhino and then you should be able to select the Xirus toolbar from the window that appears.
Have a look at this video at minute 5:00

BTW, we will release a new update this week: now every Rhino-BRep and NURBS command will be applicable to Xirus objects, such as trimming, offset, object snap, fileting, chamfer, etc…