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Have you broken watertight join?

(scarab) #1

I had an update today and now all my joins are G0 no matter what radio button I select on the Junction Continuity dialog box.


(Pablo Garcia Amorena) #2

Hi @scarab,

Thanks for pointing this out. Could you detail under which conditions you have this issue? Is it only with certain shapes like the box or rectangle?
At least for the cylinder it seems to work: see attached two examples with G0 / G1 connection between two Xirus cylinders, Xirus ver.



(scarab) #3

example.3dm (282.6 KB)

example.3dm has two layers of interest.

cylinder has two cylinders that I can’t even watertight join. The app gets as far as displaying the red and green handles to ask me which direction to follow, but I can’t select the handles.

The example layer has two extrusions that I can only seem to join with G0 continuity. The extrusions were created by extruding a xirus curve along a path and then copying the extrusion and making it wider with the gumball. I think when I made the curves to extrude.

The curve was created by converting a rhino curve to a xirus curve with 9 points. I made the extrusion and pulled one edge out slightly.

At least I think that’s what I did last night.

My Xirus version is


(Pablo Garcia Amorena) #4

Hi @scarab,

Thanks for the example. I checked the cylinders layer and it works fine for me when watertight joining, check video below. Do you have an issue only with this example, or always with any model?

About the example layer, I found the issue. Indeed, for certain object conditions watertight command will give the same continuity as G0 for any option. This happens when the tangent plane at the junction is collapsed onto a single line, like this (to visualize tangent plane, run command XirusSurfaceTangentPlaneAllObjects):

Optimal conditions require that the tangent plane is well defined at the junction, like this:

For your particular model, I found this workaround: I extract the edge loops at the borders, I recreate the extrusions with Xirus loft and then I can run Watertight Join. See here the process:

Here the modified model:

exampleModified.3dm (228.3 KB)

In any case, we are working in an update that will fix this issue automatically, i.e. watertight join will take care of the continuity condition no matter the conditions of the input border.
Thanks for pointing out and hope it helps.



(scarab) #5

Thanks Pablo,

I will have a play with this tomorrow.