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First half hour with the new WIP

(sochin) #1

I have to do some work now but did have a play.

Extrude Face/Faces? - The extrude face command from the video and 30 min playing seems to only be able to do one face at a time at the moment? If that is the case nice to see extrude but still nothing really useful to me as I am forced to create curves and or extrude edges, loft and join. Long way round.

Xirus Curves - The dependance of Xirus on its curves rather than Rhino`s I get but it does get frustrating when you want to numerically modify curves to create objects…and transforming Xirus curves in Rhino commands seemed to breaks their linkage to Xirus. IIRC …for example offsetting a Xirus curve gives you a curve Xirus cannot use.

Possible to have a command that gives a curve Xirus properties if they get lost by using Rhino transform tools?

If there is going to be a strong reliance on Xirus curves can we have it possible to create them from our existing Xirus object like the Tsplines duplicate edge command? Until we can extrude edges this would be very helpful.

The water tight join command…is it possible to get it to join in the middle of the distance between the two edges?

Can you please authorise the upload of .3dm files to the forum? I have a file of three surfcaes all created from lofting Xirus curves. I then joined them with varying continuity using the watertight join command. The result is still three separate surfaces. Is this normal?

(Pablo Garcia Amorena) #2

Hello @sochin,

Thank you for taking your time to test the WIP, we appreciate your feedback a lot.

Yes, for this stage it’s only one face, multiple faces extrusion will arrive at a later stage, as well as edge extrusion. One question: when you extrude multiple faces, what is the direction you want for the extrusion? Is it a common one for all of them or is it the face normal direction for each?

So far we have focused much more on surfaces than curves. Curves will soon catch up with features like curve joining, edge extrusion, etc.
We are working in integration within Rhino so that their properties do not get lost (or at least provide a Xirus equivalent).

You can try extracting edges or isocurves over the surface. For now that’s a workaround to have edge extrusion.

Do you mean here to add a surface that joins the two edges, like blending?

It’s very helpful that you comment the set of tools you work with most of the time. Do not hesitate to keep pointing out what’s lacking (I took note of the features you commented in a previous thread).


(sochin) #3

@pablogarciaamorena_mirrakoi I often use the scale gum ball to extrude muitple faces in a radial direction. In t-splines this is very easy…just hold alt key while you scale with the tsplines gumball.

Regarding the watertight join command, if I could upload .3dm files that would be easier and quicker.

Re the set of tools…yes offsetting a Xirus curve breaks its link as a Xirus curve.

I also work on the flat a lot in tsplines and _flow to a nonplanar shape…like a circle in Rhino. Doing that with Xirus objects appears to turn them to mesh. If I cannot flow Xirus objects and them still remain sub-d objects I cannot use it.

This is the result of flowing a Xirus plane from a straight line to a circle with copy = no…ghost outline on the plane and a mesh on the circle.


(Zsuzsanna Püspöki) #4

Hello @sochin,

Please try the upload again, I have authorised .3dm files. The maximum upload file size is 20 MB.
Thank you for your feedback!


(Pablo Garcia Amorena) #5

@sochin Concerning the extrusion, wouldn’t just face selection with Xirus do the same operation (at least once the command becomes quicker and easier to use)?

About the watertight, please try to upload now a file.
Involving flowing a surface, are you referring to Rhino Flow command? Maybe you can also upload a file illustrating this (what happens when you do it with Xirus and what you’d need).


(sochin) #6

@pablogarciaamorena_mirrakoi I think you get the point but miss the point.

I was not referring to the selection method as I am assuming you will eventually add a command like splines _selectLoop command. The selection menu in tsplines would be a good point for your company to study IMO. These are really useful methods of selection for sub-d users IMO.

I was replying to you asking me about how I extrude. I answered radially in a lot of cases. In tsplines that is simply done by selecting a face loop and then holding down the alt key whilst using the tsplines gum ball to scale and extrude at the same time. That is what the photos show. The selection first then after the extrusion.

Another note on selections since you mentioned it. To select a face loop in t-splines I can quickly select a single face then hold down the shift key as I select a second adjoining face, double tap selecting it and it selects the whole loop. Somehow I feel I am telling you something that you already know?

I rarely go to menus for anything in t-splines. All keyboard short cuts and macros.

Designers need speed of design. Good selections tools are a must for me to even be able to trial this software … otherswise it uses up time that I have very little of and for this I make nothing other than the privilege of paying for the software once you finish it. No complaints…I just think you need to make it as easy as possible to allow people to help you.

At the moment Xirus looks promising but very designer unfriendly to me. I mentioned in one of my first posts that I thought the development of Xirus would be greatly benefited by building in commands that are familiar to tsplines user as much as possible. I now think that even more especially with selection…

To improve on something you first have to catch up to it.


(sochin) #7

@zsuzsannapuspoki_mirrakoi this is three xirus surfaces created from Xirus curves using loft. When I joined them with watertight joins of varying continuity for the first and second joins…they still remain three separate objects. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

180306d.3dm (4.9 MB)

(sochin) #8

@pablogarciaamorena_mirrakoi Xirus plane flown to a circle using the _flow command with copy = no. Result is a Xirus ghost on the plane and a mesh on the circle. All sub-d properties lost.

I do this day in day out with t-splines. One of my most used workflows as it avoids having to deal with many varying directions if you worked from a circle.

test.3dm (5.0 MB)


(sochin) #9

@pablogarciaamorena_mirrakoi No I mean that whilst Xirus does no have symmetry to create symetrical objects you need to mirror and join. I did this in Clayoo1 for years until I moved to t-splines.

When watertight join does not join in the middle this is problematic.

Work on one side.

Mirror on the x axis

Apply water tight join with continuity of 1 results in a non symmetrical object.

Also as per my other post, even after watertight join these are still two separate objects that are not joined at all… I must be missing something.


(Pablo Garcia Amorena) #10

@sochin thank you very much for your detailed explanations.

About the selection issues, I can tell you this is top priority and there won’t be another update till this topic is fixed (addressed at least).

I see. Most Rhino built-in commands do not have integration with Xirus for now. We are also addressing this problem and working closely with McNeel to solve it.

Here we also see the issue and will offer a solution. The same for the separation of objects: currently the watertight command does not unify the objects but will do it in a future update (actually offer the possibility of unifying objects).


(sochin) #11

@pablogarciaamorena_mirrakoi Thanks Pablo. I look forward to being able to make something in Xirus that I can explore the new options the software offers over t-splines. As much as you can the addition of selection functions as you go would be a great help in trialling and offering feedback.

BTW as you might know even the last version of t-splines for Rhino has ghost mesh issues (especially with cage edit for me) but you simply delete them as it still creates the modified tspline object.


(sochin) #12

@pablogarciaamorena_mirrakoi Pablo IMO you need something as simple as the tspline command _tsMerge. Preselecting edges before the command merges them in the middle. Post selecting them pulls the edge selected first to the second.

Tweaking continuity is probably something I would do once the edges are joined and I have a general shape. More a refinement than something I do initially. I just think at the moment selecting refinement options during a general command gets in the way of forming that general shape.

That said…for me a default continuity of 0 would be no good. I would need it smoother or at least be able to define a global default for initial joins.

Just my 2c.