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Face extrusion not working in Rhino 5

(Paul) #1


First of all, congrats on the work put in this plugin, seems to fill in a much needed gap in Rhino.
However, it appears that face extrude command isn’t working properly. There are no error messages but no prompts appear (i.e. smooth or sharp) and does not yield extrusion of the face. The edges of the face become sharp but no geometry is produced. You can drag the face with the gumball but that’s pretty much it.
Is this some bug that was encountered before? Any workarounds?

Many thanks,


(Daniel Schmitter) #2

Hi Paul,
Thanks for your feedback.
I am not sure I understand correctly the bug you are describing; currently the command is supposed to execute as described in the video here (“Face Extrude”):

Maybe you can post an animated gif describing the issue?

In any case, based on user-feedback, we are currently re-engineering the command to behave like ‘face extrude’ that users know from other CAD tools (e.g. SubD, etc.). The new command will be available soon.



(Paul) #3

Hi Daniel,

Thnaks for the reply.
In effect the extrude command does noT work as in the demo video. I have no prompts when running the command and the result is that the face can be moved using the gumball but no geometry is generated.
On the odd occasion when turning the control points on, when you select a corner of the extruded face you end up wit a large list of points overlapping.
I’m attaching a gif showing the extrude behaviour.
I’m running Rhino 5, Win 10, 64 bit.

Many thanks,


(Daniel Schmitter) #4

Thanks Paul for sharing the gif.

We have identified the issue: it will be fixed with the new extrusion command that we will probably ship within 6-8 weeks. However, already the next update that we will release on September 20 will contain some related improvements such as ‘bridge’ to create smooth bridges between surface patches.

Please, don’t hesitate to comment on other issues you encounter while testing.

Many thanks,



(keith) #5

Is face extrusion available in 11.1.19032.2 - ?



(Pablo Garcia Amorena) #6

Hi @keith,

Face extrusion as in polygon modeling is not there yet, we are working on it. Meanwhile, check out Face Select command which provides similar functionality with smooth surfacing.