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Examples of models

I cannot find examples of finished models made with Xirus.
I would like to see furniture, cars, shoes, animals or whatever, but I see no real results of modelling with Xirus.
Did I miss something? Where is the gallery of finished models?

@PodoTools If you have a look a look at the list of features being added in the next WIP release you will see that with features like extrude still not in the current WIP it would be pretty hard to make anything, Xirus is pre-Alpha atm I would think. Looks interesting however.

Coming soon. We are starting to build a gallery (on this website) with real-world examples just now. As the WIP was released just 6 weeks ago, we see it now approaching status of ‘practical use’. Also, keep an eye at our learning channel, where we are adding video tutorials as the wip progresses.


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A preview of the new update including extrusion is available here. The update will include several new commands highlighted here.

The release of the update is imminent.


Thanks @danielschmitter_mirrakoil, I watched them all last night. Looking forward to trying to make something with it. Has the highlighting/staus change of faces when selected been achieved yet? In some of the videos it is a bit daunting not knowing what is selected or not unitl the command is run.


Sound great! Your last reported issues are either solved in the new update or on the Todo-list.

In some of the videos I did not have the Rhino ‘Shade-highlight’-option activated (I know, I could have done better in the video, will improve for the next videos). See the screenshot below. With this option you can highlight faces when selecting.

Besides, we are also working on a much more user-friendly and easy-to-use highlighting/selection mechanism, but it won’t be ready in the update that we are about to release until wednesday.

(Hope this helps already; more improvements will come soon !)

Keep posting your feedback, we appreciate all kinds of user suggestions.


Hi Daniel,
Coming from t-splines I am used to having faces/edges highlight during selection without that feature being turned on in Rhino.

Personally I do not want that on for all selected items in Rhino…just for sub selections of faces and edges…like t-splines does. Maybe others think differently.

It sounds like perhaps you are working on something like t-splines implementation from your end comment.


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Yes, that’s exactly what we are working on. Will be available in a couple of weeks !