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Delete Face & Show Points

Is there a way to delete a face or row of control points in Xirus?
Im familiar with Tsplines & Clayoo and in both those subd modellers you can delete a face to create a hole in a opject. In native nurbs you can also delete a row of control points but I cant see a way to delete a face in Xirus.

Additionally is there any difference between using the Xirus command “XirusSurfacePoints” and Rhinos native “Pointson” to turn on an objects control points?

This YouTube screencast explains my questions further



By deleting a face, do you mean
a) splitting the object into a set of subobjects (one per face) among which the face you selected has disappeared?
b) keeping the object as an individual unit, with a hole instead of the face?

Option a) will be provided in an update next week (in the form of face explode, face remove and enhancing the current face extract).
About option b), I interpret it as a trimming operation. We are working to integrate trimming operations into Xirus and it will be there soon. Tell me in any case if I missed some other info/operation.

Insertion/deletion of control points is still not available but it’ll be supported by Xirus at some moment.

Actually there’s no difference, it’s the same command. What’s not different is the right mouse click command “Point Select” which does the same operation with an integrated gumball instead of grips editing.


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