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Comments, wishes and questions

(PodoTools) #1

After some time playing with Xirus here are some first comments, wishes and questions.

It is still difficult for me get the shape I want by dragging augmented points.
Besides from understanding what exactly happens while dragging these points, the way these points are movable in space also makes it hard to control the surface modifications.
The first thing I miss is a toolbar of course, but here are some more fundamental issues:

It should be possible to move the location and the tangent/curvature at a point etc. without having to switch between surfacepoints/augmented points. This switching between different types of control makes fast and intuitive modeling impossible for me.

There must be a UVN dragging mode for augmented point dragging. Most preferable with the option to drag a number of points simultaneously, each point according to its own direction, like you can in Tsplines.

Augmented points should have grips at both sides of the line/face that represents the direction and value of the curvature (what is the name?)

The “weight” of the controlpoints should allow numerical input too. You can collapse a number of points but cannot give them a certain value other then 0 without dragging them one by one.

I miss the option to subdivide a face in U or V direction only.

How can I join 2 ore more separate Xirus surfaces into one?

In wireframe mode my Xirus objects do not get highlighted when selected.

Wish: The option to snap or pull surface points to another surface or mesh.

Hope you can get the Xirus UI to a higher level, it has the potential to become the perfect tool for me as a shoe-last designer.

Erik Hondebrink

(Pablo Garcia Amorena) #2

Hello Erik,

Thank you for the extensive feedback, we appreciate a lot.

  1. Next update will include a toolbar, it will be available by next week.
  1. The toolbar will ease the modeling process, and a feature combining location points + tangent/curvature will be available in the following weeks.
  1. Also, this will be available soon.
  1. and 5. We are working on an extensive UI allowing this kind of operations.
  1. We already have this and are testing it internally. It will also be out there soon.
    Meanwhile, there’s the possibility to extract a single face and then apply global subdivision to it.
  1. I’m not sure if I understand correctly. Do you mean joining them physically through the boundaries? In that case, there’s currently the Watertight Join Command .
    If you mean joining them as an entity, there’s always the possibility of either grouping them or converting into NURBS and directly joining them as a polysurface.
  1. We are working on it as part of the UI extension.
  1. Do you mean here to constrain surface points onto another surface or mesh?

Thank you again, this is very helpful for us in order to shape the product that suits the needs of the users.

(PodoTools) #3

Thank you,
You gave the answers I hoped for.

As for 9: Yes, constraining a selection of surfacepoints to a surface ore mesh is what I need when modelling an shoe last with a foot scan as a reference. There is a video that shows my workflow .
At some moment I use “retoposnap” to shrink a part of my model around the foot scan.

(Pablo Garcia Amorena) #4

Hello Erik,

Last Xirus WIP update, which was released yesterday, fixes and improves these issues and many others involving user interaction with Xirus objects. Take a look at the new features.

Next update will solve these problems. An UVN editor is currently in testing mode and will be included soon, see:

Next update will also address these needs involving ease of use and user experience.